Kako da naučim Blockchain u 2019. godini?

Ukoliko vas je prethodni članak ubijedio da je znanje o Blockchainu nešto što vam zaista treba, ili se samo želite okušati u ozbiljnom učenju evo vam kurseva za koje ne morate izdvojiti mnogo novca.

Ako se pitate zbog čega je to potrebno, pročitajte prethodni članak.

Sem dosta informacija o načinu rada ove tehnologije naučiti ćete i o stvaranju privatne mreže i šta je pametni ugovor (smart contract). Koristiće te Etherium mrežu za pisanje HelloWorld programa (prvi najjednostavniji program kad počinjete programiranje).

1 Blockchain Fundamentals (Osnove blockchaina) – Pluralsight BESPLATNO

Prvo se uči Ethereum blokchain, razvoj pametnog ugovora, dApp razvoj (decentralizovane aplikacije), i kako formirati privatni blockchain. Autor kursa je Jan-Erik Sandberg.

Sami će te postaviti razvojno okruženje uz sve preduslove na Windows platformi.

Hi everyone. My name is Jan-Erik Sandberg and welcome to my course, Blockchain Fundamentals. I’m a COO at Visma Retail Software and the founder of Blockchain Rebels. Blockchain development is considered to be the next big thing after the invention of the internet. With blockchain you are able to make and distribute applications in a way that has never been possible before. Trust and financial transactions can be done between complete strangers with full transparency and reliability. In this course we are going to focus on the fundamentals of Blockchain development and a popular implementation of the technology called Ethereum. Some of the major topics we will cover include understanding blockchain, getting started with Ethereum, building and testing smart contracts, and distributed application development. We will even create a full end-to-end application that will demo all of the most important aspects of blockchain development. By the end of this course you will know everything you need to know to be productive with blockchain development including how to set up and configure your development environment from scratch. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to learn one of the most interesting technologies out there with Blockchain Fundamentals here at Pluralsight.

2 Blockchain Theory 101 Udemy BESPLATNO

Autorica kursa je Melanie Swan i podesan je za sve koji žele naučiti nešto o blokchain tehnologiji.

Executives, strategists, CTOs, IT professionals, developers and other interested parties will gain an understanding of blockchain technology (including mining, consensus algorithms, smart property, and smart contracts). The current status of blockchain technology, potential applications in Financial Services, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, and IoT, and next steps regarding its deployment in your organization are discussed.

3 Ethereum For Beginners: Build A Hello World Blockchain App (Etherium za početnike: Napravite HelloWorld blockchain aplikaciju) 13 USD

Autori kursa su Ravinder Deol i Thomas Wiesner. Ovaj kurs će najbolje leći onima koji već imaju razumjevanje za bilo šta od: Web Development, JavaScript, Ajax-Requests, AngularJS, Gulp/Grunt i Node Package Manager.

Ethereum For Beginners: Build A Hello World Blockchain App – is the only course you need to begin your journey with Ethereum Blockchain Development incorporating Solidity at a basic level, with step-by-step instructions guiding you through the entire process.

More About The Ethereum For Beginners Course

This course is designed for those beginning their journey with Ethereum Blockchain Development incorporating Solidity at a basic level, and want to test their skills with a basic practical project before moving forwards with more advanced Ethereum Development courses covering much more.

Why Should You Enroll On This Course?

1.This is a short, free and to the point practical course which has one clear purpose, which is to get wannabe Ethereum Blockchain developers started on their journey.

2. Upon successful completion of this course you’ll have created your own Hello World Blockchain Application In A Private Network.

This course is a sample of their more comprehensive course Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real-World Projects, which teaches the Ethereum development in more details.

If you are interested more in developing with Etherium network then you can also look at that course.

4 Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (Upoznavanje sa kriptovalutama i blockchainom) Udemy BESPLATNO

S ovim kursom ćete naučiti Blockchain ali tako što prvo krenete od kriptovalute Bitcoin. Iza kursa stoji Kiran Vaidya i Anandsagar Shiralkar iz Vizitech Solutions.

Bitcoin reinvents the concept of money. Although the concept by itself may have some limitations, it has opened the door for innovation in an alternative financial system. We want to bring this concept to young students and entrepreneurs and encourage them to pursue this field.

There are many courses that explain the promise of bitcoin from a technology perspective. But few explore the economic implications of cryptocurrencies. This one does. It also offers you the following:

Theoretical understanding of the bitcoin/blockchain technology from a technical and economic perspective.
Overview of the legal landscape
Introduction to the opportunities this technology represents for entrepreneurs.
Access to a Blockchain community.
Training on how to transact your own bitcoins and how to regard bitcoin as an asset class.
Thus, the class will be fun, informative, practical, thought provoking and shall give you access to new resources.

This video course is taught by Vizitech Solutions, a Fintech company based out of Pune. Our subject matter expert generated content makes eLearning enjoyable and productive. But most importantly, Vizitech strives to empower bright minds to create disruptive innovations in the field of banking and finance.

5 Blockchain – Principles and Practices (Principi i prakse) – Pluralsight

Autor je Stephen Haunts. Na kraju kursa imaćete znanje i alate da kreirate sopstveni Blockchain

Blockchains are probably one of the most highly talked about technologies at the moment as they provide a way to attain digital trust on the Internet. There is so much emphasis on the technology that companies are very keen to learn about Blockchains and adopt them. Venture capitalists are currently diverting a lot of investments into funding Blockchain-based companies. In this course, Blockchain – Principles and Practices, you will explore the fundamental data structures and algorithms used to build a typical Blockchain and build up a working example over the course. First, you will learn how to store single transactions in a block. Second, you will discover how to store multiple transactions in a block using Merkle trees. Next, you will be taught how to make the Blockchain tamper-proof using mining and proof-of-work. Finally, you will learn how nodes on a Blockchain maintain consensus. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to build your own Blockchain.

6 Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases (Osnove i primjeri) – Coursera BESPLATNO

Ovaj kurs je pogodan i za programere, i za one koji to nisu. Trebaće vam pet sedmica po dva sata sedmično da ga prođete. Kurs je kreirala ConsenSys Akademija. To je odjel ConsenSys korporacije koja je zapravo softverska kuća posvećena razvoju blockchain rješenja. Pa ko bolje da objasni šta je blockchain i kako se može primjenjivati u praksi?

During the first three modules, you’ll be introduced to blockchain and the technology behind it. In module four, we’ll go beyond bitcoin and delve deeper into a next-generation blockchain called Ethereum to introduce you to what modern blockchains can do. The use cases featured in the final module are drawn from among the businesses in ConsenSys’ startup portfolio. We believe we’re uniquely positioned to present you with a valuable behind-the-scenes look at the people and companies working in this space to help give you a better understanding of the business side of blockchain.

Together, we’ll examine businesses use cases, hear from industry leaders, and give you the opportunity to develop and analyze a use case yourself. With this course, not only will you be the one who is able to explain blockchain to your colleagues, you’ll be well on your way to making educated business decisions with your new, foundational understanding of the technology.